Q: WHAT IS DIVASTYLE?TOP OF PAGE A: divastyle is the exciting loyalty program* we developed just for the Torrid shopper! There are no sign-up or membership fees and your membership is valid in all Torrid stores and online at Torrid.com.

The benefits of signing up include instant special offers, discounts and exclusive shopping events. Once you have signed up, every dollar you spend earns you one divastyle point. Once you have earned 250 points, you are considered a Qualified Member for one full year!

Sign up for divastyle
*See divastyle Terms and Conditions.

Q: HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR DIVASTYLE?TOP OF PAGE A: You can sign up for divastyle at your local Torrid store or online.

PLEASE NOTE: If you sign up for divastyle in a store, you must link the number on your card to your account at Torrid.com to earn points for your online purchases.

Link your divastyle account now.

Q: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A QUALIFIED MEMBER?TOP OF PAGE A: Every dollar you spend earns you one divastyle point. Once you have earned 250 points, you are considered a Qualified Member for one full year. Once you have signed up for divastyle, you can earn your 250 points at your leisure. However, the sooner you earn your 250 points, the sooner you'll receive special offers and a 5% discount on all of your purchases for a year! You will need to earn 250 at the end of each membership year to keep your Qualified Member status. To give you a head start, we will count all points earned within the last 60 days of your membership year towards your membership renewal.

As a Qualified Member, your divastyle rewards are extended to include:
-A 5% discount on every purchase for one full year
-A special offer to celebrate your birthday divastyle
-Special offers, discounts and exclusive shopping events

Q: HOW CAN I FIND OUT HOW CLOSE I AM TO 250 POINTS?TOP OF PAGE A: Simply log in to your divastyle account. If you're shopping in a Torrid store, an associate will be happy to check your balance at the register.

Q: IF I SPEND $250 OR MORE POINTS IN ONE PURCHASE, WILL I RECEIVE THE 5% DISCOUNT ON THAT PURCHASE?TOP OF PAGE A: Yes. Once you spend $250, you will immediately start saving 5% on all your purchases.

Q: CAN I USE MY 5% DISCOUNT WHEN PAYING WITH A GIFT CARD?TOP OF PAGE A: Yes, you can! As long as you are signed in to your account when you checkout, you will receive your divastyle discount. However, the 5% discount does not apply to the purchase of gift cards.

Q: DOES MY 5% DISCOUNT WORK WITH OTHER PROMOTIONS OR DISCOUNTS?TOP OF PAGE A: Yes! You will still receive your 5% discount along with any other promotions or discounts we may run, including promotions that require a discount code.

If you enter a discount code and you are a Qualified Member, your 5% discount will be included in the total savings. Above your order subtotal on the checkout page, you will see the total dollar amount of the combined discount. However, to the left of the dollar amount, you will see only the name of the discount code. Rest assured that you are receiving both your 5% discount and the savings for the promotion or discount.

Q: IS MY 5% DISCOUNT APPLIED TOWARDS TAX, SHIPPING OR PREVOUS PURCHASES?TOP OF PAGE A: No. The 5% discount will only be applied to the merchandise in your current purchase.

Q: HOW DO YOU USE MY CONTACT INFORMATION?TOP OF PAGE A: We respect and protect the privacy of our members so your information will never be shared and will be used for divastyle purposes only. For example, we'll send you exclusive coupons and let you know when we are having special events.

See our privacy and security policy for more information.